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25 things every woman needs to know.

hannah brencher.

1) Life is a steep, uphill battle but it’s fierce & it’s beautiful & you’ll be sad to see it go if you live it right.

2) New people won’t stop coming into your life and opportunities won’t stop knocking on the door but you need to have the space for them. In all you currently have– be them relationships or obligations– step back and ask yourself “why.” If you can find the answer, hold tighter. If the answer escapes you, it’s time to let something go.

3) You should resolve to be awesome for the rest of your life. Right now. Do it.

4) Leggings, no matter how much we wish, will never one day magically transform into pants. Wearing them with tops that don’t cover your bum is not cute. Please, please, please stock up on pants.

5) Goals are not a January 1st kind of thing. Set…

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Land of Gatherings

The Land of Gathering is a metaphysical space that everyone has the potential to reach in their own minds. It is a place free from the burden of object-hood and the notion of reality where all things are “completed”—similar to that world of possibility and wonderment naturally experienced through the eyes of a child. There, everything is a work of art with an innate potential for endless movement and altering—unity.

I love this concept so much.